Online Glue Dispenser

Online Glue Dispenser

 This robot fit for all viscosities of glue.Can dot, draw lines, squares,
 circles and all kinds of irregular graphics on the products.   

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Product Description

Can be designed for product line, feed, dispense and cut automatically. Multiple procedures completed all by dispensing machine, greatly reduce human labor and
increase production efficiency.
Working Area: customized
Repeatability: +/- 0.01mm
Resolution: 0.0.1mm
Input: 220V/50Hz +/- 10% 250W
Max Speed: 500mm/sec
Minimum Glue Exudation: 0.001ml
Weight: 100-150KG
Operating principle
Compress the glue into the feed pipe connected to Piston Chamber by conpressing air into the glue botton(injector). When the piston is in the upstroke, the piston chamber is filled with glue.And When the piston is pushed down, the glue is extruded from the needle nozzle. The dispensing glue amount is decided by the distance of piston downstroke. The gule dispensing amount can be controlled by manual adjustment or by setting the program.


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