AB Glue Dispenser

YS-D331-X Two components Glue Doming Machine

This robot fit for all viscosities of glue.Can dot, draw lines,
 squares, circles and all kinds of irregular graphics on the products.  

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Product Description

A Glue and B Glue mixed automatically according to specified proportion, dispenser then complete the dispensing process. Glue exudation volume and speed can both be controlled.
Voltage: 220V/50Hz
Power: 300W
Size: L671*W551*H612mm
Weight: 90-150KG
Air source: 4-6KG
Working Area: 300*300*60 Customization available 
Operation Interface: 5.7 inch touch screen, English language
Dispensing Graphs:  dot, line, circle, and arc.
One-time drop or continuously dispensing.
Import Mode: teaching or file import, dxf, PLT form, etc.
Glue Exudation Control: A, B glue mix automatically
Max Speed: 500mm/sec
Repeatability: +/- 0.0.5mm
Control System: professional 3-axis motor control system

AB glue mixing device

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