4-axis Glue Dispense

YS-F331-X 4-axis Glue Dispenser

This robot fit for all viscosities of glue.Can dot, draw lines, squares,
circles and all kinds of irregular graphics on the products. 

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Product Description

1)    Can quickly draw dots, lines, circles on internal and external surface, vertical plane, gap and spherical surface.
2)    With the functions of programming point, line, arc, circle, irregular figure. And
supporting 4 axis action.
3)    Excellent teaching function. Support array spread, graphic browse and rotate, 3D oval and common pictures insert, group edit, etc.
4)    2G high speed Mini SD file storage, can store 999 dispensing files.
5)    Can adjust the angle between dispensing needle and area, to dispense on the internal and external surface of workpiece or L shape vertical space.
6)    Can set dispensing volume and thickness, dispensing speed, dispensing time and stopping time.
7)    Equipped with specialized controller, stable glue exudation, neat stopping and
non drop or leak.
8)    Anti-curing function, effectively prevent needle jam out of glue curing.
9)    Powerful graphic programming, can import design software such as AutoCAD, CoralDraw and JDpaint to generate different file formats.

Working Area: 300*300*60mm Customization available
Repeatability: +/- 0.01mm
Resolution: 0.0.1mm
Input: 220V/50Hz +/- 10% 250W
Max Speed: 500mm/sec
Minimum Glue Flow: 0.001ml
Weight: 90-150KG

Model YS-D331-X YS-D551-X YS-D461-X
Work area X/Y/Z(mm) 300/300/60mm 500/500/60mm 400/600/60mm
Max material weight 10kg
Max. speed mm/sec 500
Repeatability +/-0.01mm
Remember date 100 units, one unit=4000 points
Disply screen 5.7 inch
Moter Micro stepping motor/belt
Movement Point to point / continuous line
Transmission Belt + precision linear guide
Motion interpolation function 3 axis 
Edit input Touch screen or computer input/can work with computer
I/0 signal 16 Inputs/16 Outputs
Control style Integrated controller
Power AC/220V/250W
Operation temperature 5-40’C
Operate humidity 20-90%
Size (L)670*(W)550*(H)610mm
Weight(kg) 90-150


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