Hot Melt Glue Dispenser

YS-D331-X Hot melt Glue Dispenser

This robot fit for all viscosities of glue.Can dot, draw lines,
squares, circles and all kinds of irregular graphics on the products.

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Product Description

Place hot glue barrel in specified heater, extrude glue with dispensing controller, 3-axis robotic arm finishes dispensing path.
1)    Can draw dot, line, surface, arc, circle and irregular curve continuously and alternatively. Applicable for all 3D non-planar dispensing path.\
2)    Can set dispensing volume and thickness, dispensing speed, dispensing time and stopping time.
3)    Equipped with specialized controller, stable glue exudation, neat stopping and non drop or leak.
4)    Anti-curing function, effectively prevent needle jam out of glue curing.
5)    Glue pre-heat function, greatly reduce glue replacing time.
6)    Temperature-controlled meter controls temperature: +/- 1℃
7)    Applicable for all hot melt glue.

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