Hand-held screwdriver machine

YS-L680 handheld screwdriver machine with screw feeder

Screw driver with auto screw feeder.This machine is widely used on production line,which can save labour and time.
Suitable for screw M1-M6.Screw length below 30mm.

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Product Description

1. Introduction:
Automatic screwdriver consists of two parts:
1. The feeding system will order screws and distribute them through allocation, and then send them to the screwdriver via the pipe.
2. The electric or pneumatic screwdriver will lock the screws into the right place of the products.
Compared with traditional screwdriver, automatic screwdriver machine just needs one hand to take the screwdriver and align the screw hole, saving the other hand. After locking one screw, another one will be sent to the mouth of the screwdriver the moment it is lifted.
Handheld screwdriver is classified to two types: standard type and push-pull type.
Standard type: Suitable for screws of all materials.
Push-pull type: Must be magnet absorptive material such as carbon steel or iron, etc. 
2. Advantages
1.     Convenient. It can save a hand to hold the products and can save a positioning fixture if the product is small.
2.     Fast. It can completely save the time for grasping and moving screws and the time of alignment and waiting.
3.     Clean. It can avoid pollution of screws for saving the action of fetching screws by hand.
3. Features
Automatic screwdriver machine subvert the working principle of traditional screwdriver machine by abandoning the vibration plate and pusher. It carries forward the advantages and overcomes the disadvantages of traditional screwdriver machine, making it portable, safe, stable and fast with low noise and low energy consumption.
1. The screwdriver is small and will not block workers’ sight.
2. The screwdriver is very light in weight and do not give a sense of heaviness.
3. The noise is below 65db.
4. The screw will not vibrate and fade for not using the vibration plate
5. Total weight is about 9kg, easy to carry.
6. With intelligent alarm function (acousto-optic remind) for component shortage.
4. Specifications
1. Structure
This product is composed of two parts: main frame and screwdriver.
2. Specifications

1 Capacity of screw pocket: M2X6 5000PCS    
2Efficiency: 50-70PCS/MIN
(Depends on screw length)
3 Voltage: 220V/50HZ                      
4Screw-feeding Speed: 0.75sec/pcs
5 Power: 200W                             
6 Air pressure: 2-3KGF/C㎡
7 Weight: 19KG                            
8 Dimension: 370*250*190MM
9 Noise: lower than 65db                     
10 Conveying Distance: 1-4

5. Application
1. Scope of applicative screws: M1- M6
2. Scope of applicative screw heads: for any universal type such as straight slot, cross, triangle groove, trox, hexagonal, H head, etc.
3. Surface Treatment of screw: electrolytic nickel plating, color zinc plating, white zinc plating, and copper plating, etc.
4. Screw materials: iron, copper, stainless steel, etc.
5. Materials of products to be screwed: plastic, iron, aluminum, etc.
6. Applicative Industries: mobile photo, hard disk, keyboard, toy, LCD/LED modules, communication equipment, electrical appliances, auto parts and so on.


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