Blade moving PCB separator

YS-805D PCB separator

YS-805D PCB separator is applicable for cutting SMD aluminum PCB, PCB boards
and fiberglass boards neatly, effectively, quickly, easy to operate and causing no
damage to components on boards. Imported high-speed steel blade with long
service life, mainly applied in circuit board industries such as LED,SMT, phone/MP3,
and electronic toys. PCB(Printed Circuit Board), LED Aluminum plate/LED strip/LED
light bar, and Fiberglass panel/sheet.  

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Product Description

1. Microcomputer program control, precise positioning and good stability.
2. Blade moving speed is adjustable: 500mm/s or 300mm/s. Speed can also be increased by modifying program.
3. Can fine adjust cutter wheel (upper blade): 0-2mm, to apply to PCB boards of different thickness and V-CUT of different depth. The operation desk can be adjusted from 0mm to 50mm.
4.Depth of back baffle is adjustable: 0-150mm. Max cutting length is 1300mm. Max cutting thickness is 0.2-3.2mm. Max depth of V-CUT is 0.2-2.0mm.( Available board thickness: 0-3.2mm, V-groove thickness:0-2mm.)
5.Blade moving path, moving point and stopping point can be set according to length of PCB board.
6.Upper and lower blades are made of imported high-speed steel, long service life and can be sharpened for 7-10 times.
7. Minimize the shearing stress to avoid micro-cracks of the solder joints.
Operating principle and method
1.Soldered PCB board is easy to damage circuit or components while breaking. This machine is blade moving cutting PCB board, effectively decrease stress and prevent soldering point and components from breaking, increased efficiency.
2.Upper blade is circular, lower blade is level, PCB board placed on lower blade to clamp with V-CUT, step on the switch, upper circular blade moves to set cutting point and cut PCB board neatly and evenly.
PCB Separator YS-805A
Classic minimum blade moving PCB separator, occupies little space good choice for production line.
Voltage: 220V/110V, 50/60Hz, 250W
Upper circular blade: diameter 125mm, cutter point
angle 26~28°
Lower blade: 460mm long, max cutting length 430mm,
cutter point angle 26~28°
Cutting point: 0-100-200-300-400mm
Outer size: length*depth*height 740*550*460mm
Weight: 60KG
Package; Wooden box
Accessories: can install additional automatic receiving
conveyor and safeguarding light curtain.
Other models
YS-805B/600mm cutting path
YS-805C/900mm cutting path
YS-805D/1200mm cutting path

Model YS-805D
Max PCB length (mm) 1300
Cutting Speed (mm/s) 300/500
Cutting Thickness (mm) 0.2-3.2mm
Power Supply (V) 110V /220V
Size (mm) 1530x550x420
Weight (Kg) 90
Blade working life for metal (Year) 0.5
Blade working life for PCB (Year) 1
Guarantee (Year) 3
Min. Order (Set) 1
Ability (Set/month) 300
Our Advantages
1. We are a professional manufacturer with over 16 years’ experience, with top quality and factory price.
2. Experienced PCB separator experts, focusing on innovation and research. Machines can be operated easy and safe.
3. Responsible sales and after-sales team, fast and professional technical guides.
Fix cutting beginning and ending point, upper circular blade moves and cuts against the lower linear blade to separate the board into several units. There is no stress to board, so no damage to boards and electronic components.


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