Table type Curve PCB Separator


YS-FB310 is suit for the separating of all kinds of irregular PCB and stamp hole PCB,
supporting the program of dots, lines, arcs, L, circles and other paths. It can avoid
cracks and component damages caused by artificial fold.

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Product Description

1.Table type pcb cutting machine, Speed to 100mm/s, fixed position speed 500mm/s.
2.Cut continuously during loading and unloading.
3.High speed rotating shaft system makes it move fast and reduce time. Increase production and keep high accuracy
4.High quality hardware guarantee high-performance
5.All of the lead screws are covered which can prevent dust. And guarantee life and performance.
1.Motor:stepper motor/servo motor
3.Cutting capability:500mm/s
4.System Repeat accuracy:+/-0.02mm
5.Cutting speed: Max 100mm/s. It depends on PCB quality
6. Resolution ratio:+/-0.01mm
7.Working area: X.Y.Z axis.300*300*100mm.Can be customized
8.Repeat Accuracy:<0.1mm.It is for line and curve shape
9.PCB fixed: by special and standard jig
10.Unload:by people
11.PCB thickness: suitable for 0.4-4mm.
12.Safely set: machine stop switch, axis stop switch, motor temperature and servo motor overload check
13.Axis Motor:
Max Speed:60000/mins
Be cold: by wind

Model YS-FB310
Power 220V
Voltage 600W
Size(L*W*H) 582*678*697 mm
Weight 74 KG
Cutter Parameters
1. Specification: 0.8/ 1.0/ 1.2/ 1.5 mm
2. Working Life: Cutting up to 35-40 m
Principle Axis Specification
Power: 300W
Maximum Rotate Speed: 60000 r/ min
Cooling: Air Cooling
Working Life: 5-6 Years
Industrial Vacuum Cleaners Parameters
Brand: Teng’ao
Cooling Mode: Circulation
Volume: 15L
Single-phase Power: 1000W
Voltage: 220V
Air flow:48kg/s
Working time: 2-4 hours
Packing Size: 440 * 440 * 620 mm
Weight: 13.7 kg


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