Automatic cutting machine

Automatic face mask ear rope ear loop ear wire cutting machine

Machine to cut face mask ear loop,ear wire,ear rope and nose bridge strip,nose bridge bar and aluminum strip

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Product Description

 Tube:  PVC tube, heat shrink tube, PVC heat shrinking tube, fiberglass tube, Teflon tube, corrugated tube, etc.
Cable: Flat cable, copper wire, etc.
Tape: nickel strap, cotton tape, elastic band, plastic tape, zipper, conductive tape, foam, etc.
 Sheet: battery separator, Nickel sheet, diffuser sheet, plastic/rubber sheet, pvc sheet, etc.
 Film: plastic film, reflecting film, double-sided tape, Malar film, insulation paper, PE, Copper/Aluminum foil, release paper, etc.

1.High speed: It can cut 100~120 cut per minute. (50mm long)
2.Accuracy: Cut-length is accurate, cut length can be set between 0.1-9999.9mm.
3.Cutting type: For cold cut and Optional hot cut. Hot cut suitable for materials that needs hot sealing, such as Nylon webbing, polyester webbing, etc.
4.Automatic operation: It works automatically only by setting length and quantity. Save labor, high efficiency.
5.Automatic stopper: It stops automatically if materials run out during operation
6.Memory: Set-length, set-q'ty & set-speed are not erased even if power off & on
7.Application:The cutting machine is suitable for cutting tubes, cable, webbing/ribbon/belt, small wire, sheet and film, etc.
8.High speed, high accuracy, designed for cutting non-adhesive materials.
Model: YS-100
1. Voltage: AC220V/50Hz & AC110V/60Hz
2. Power : 250W
3. Cut Length : 0.1-9999.9mm
4. Cut Width : 0-100mm
5. Cutting Thickness : 0-12mm
6. Dimension : L360*W300*H350MM
7. Net Weight : 28kg
Typical specifications

Electrical Source 220V 50/60HZ
Power 250W
Cut Length from 0.1 MM to 9999.9MM
Cut Width from 0.1 MM to 155MM
Cut Speed It depen on the cut length,from 50 PCS to 120PCS per minute
Net Weight 29KG
Outer size L360*W370*H350 mm
Packaging detail Carton or wooden case within foam plastics.L700MM*W550MM*H450MM.

Voltage:220/110v 50/60HZ
Cutting Length:0.1-9999.9mm
Cutting Width:0-100mm

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