Desktop soldering machine

Automatic desktop soldering machine

Automatic desktop soldering machine,selective soldering machine,quick pcb soldering machine,factory price soldering machine from manufacturers

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Product Description

Technical parameters
Model: YS-HX331
Heating method: 300W High-power thermostat soldering iron
Temperature range: 150-450℃
Welding head quantity: 1/2
Solder feeding amount: 0.01mm
Power supply: 220V/50HZ
Machine power: 300W
尺寸Machine size: L671×W551×H612mm
Weight: 63kg 
Air supply: 4-6Kg
Air source : Max 0.99MPa Clean oil-free dry air
Cleaning system: Special
Product features
X Route:300mm,Y Route:300mm, Z Route: 150mm  U Route: 360 degree rotation
X Speed:500mm/second ,Y Speed:500mm/second, Z Speed: 400mm/ second   U: 360 degree/second
Support 2 heads:supports a maximum of 4 weld heads (Direction is fixed)
Operator interface:5.7 inch touch display screen, integrated structure, and Chinese/English operation, Easy to set up.
Can drawing: points, lines, circles, and arcs. It can make spot welding and continuous welding.
Input mode: teach or file input, DXF, PLT and other formats.
Repeat accuracy: ±0.03mm
Control system: four-axis motion control system, independent research and development
Rotation mode: stepper motor &  linear rail & synchronous belt
Maximum load X/Y/Z  10KG/10KG/5KG
Working characteristics
1.    Chinese/English input, easy to learn and to understand, no need an external guidance device. More convenient than similar products, simple to operate. With high speed and high precision.
2.    With points, lines, arcs, circles, irregularly curved continuous input program and any position welding.
3.    Solder feeding amount is adjustable. With temperature adjusting function
4.    It can edit the continuous and rapid welding spot, set change interval to achieve repeated welding solution, increasing operational efficiency.
5.    High-speed precision stepper motors make the position more accurate.
6.    Adjust the temperature, time and the speed of the tin to control the amount of feeding tin to meet high quality welding.
7.    According to the customer's product, it is optional to assemble multiple spot welding heads, which is more suitable for the welding of array standard products.
8.    You can preview edit tracks and adjust accordingly.
9.    Welding path can be called at any time, store the file with multiple weld track, no need repeated edit.
10. Equipped with computer controlled motion, software programming, multiple operations can be realized.
Integrated circuit boards, connectors, full range of PCB Board, LED aluminum plate
Warranty : One years free warranty for machine, three years free warranty for motherboard, life-long maintenance
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