3 axis sutomatic screwdriver m

One Head One Table Auto Screwdriver Machine

Automatic screwdriver machine is composed of automatic feeding system and electric screwdriver,
completing the screw feeding and locking once and greatly increasing work efficiency,
saving human labor. When the screwdriver lifts up after locking a screw,
another screw is already airblown to the driver for locking. Machine can operate continuously,
especially for multiple same size items.

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Product Description

Model ------ YS-L302-2 YS-L402-2 YS-L502-2
weight About 70kg About 80kg About 90kg
Size L670 ×W550 ×H610(mm) L770 ×W650 ×H610(mm) L870 ×W750 ×H610(mm)
XYZ Axis working area 300 ×300 ×100(mm) 400 ×400 ×100(mm) 500 ×500 ×100(mm)
Electric screwdriver Number two
Working table Two Tables(two Y axis)
Move speed XYZ max 500mm/sec
Move Accuracy ±0.03mm
Max Load Y:10kg   Z:5kg
Voltage AC 220V 50HZ
Power 500W
Air Resource  >0.4MPa
Air resource  >0.4MPa
Air consumption 10m³/hour
Machine Frame aluminium alloy table,metal plate frame
Motor Stepper motor(Can customed servo motor )
Axis 4 axis (controller can add additional 2axis)
Control Specification
System control Embedded real time control
Display LCD Display,show datas,5.7inch touch screen
File Save File format,Unlimited file number,each file max 6000 points,Total byte 64M
I/O 16inputs/16outputs
Outer control USB RS232
Machine start Auto and single step
Buzzer warning light and buzzing sound
Auto Screw Feeder
Auto screw Feeder Beside the screwdriver machine
Screw size Screw length 1.3 times more than screw head diameter.Total screwlength bellow 40mm.M1 TO M10 screw
Number 1 feeder to two heads(can customed two feeders)
Screw imput method Air blow(can customed inhale tyle )
Screw Pocket volume About 4000pcs(M3 screw)
Screw scope M1.0-M10
Electric screwdriver Number 2pcs
KILEWS/HHB As customer demand
Screw head tyle 十,hexagon bolt,plum screw
Products size According to customer products
Robot vertical distance According to customer products
Screw tighten depth Set by customer
efficiency Tighten screw speed About 1.1 s/pcs(2 screws one time)
Torque detection yes
Screw damage detection yes
Tighten miss detection yes
Tighten bad detection Light and buzzing
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